Bridal hair and makeup from £349 
Party hair and makeup from £65

    Price List


Child cuts from £10
Dry straight cutfrom £12
Dry straight cut featherfrom £15.00
Dry cut layers, feathers and fringe£20.00
Drycut Restyle layers, feathers and fringe dry cut£25.00
Fringe cutfrom £5.00
Wash cut blowdry£25.00
Restyle wash cut blowdryfrom £30
Wash striaght blow dryfrom £12
Wash blowdry + GHD curlsfrom £25.00
GHD / spiral curlsfrom £20.00
Curly blowdryfrom £20.00
Wavy blowdryfrom £15.00
Hair put upsstart from £20
Straightening with back combingfrom £10
Ear piercing£9.99
Full head colour – startsfrom £30.00
depending on hair length Full head rootsfrom £25.00
Highlights full head cap startfrom £35/£55.00
Highlights full head foil startfrom £40.00
Depends on hair length Half head foil highlights startfrom £25.00
Depends on hair length Dip dye – startsfrom £35
Deep conditioning treatmentfrom £15
Moroccan treatmentfrom £10
Loreal treatmentfrom £5.00
Nioxin treatmentfrom £10.00

A Skin Patch Test must be carried out 48 hours before applying dye to your hair EACH TIME

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